Case Study 2:

Studio Jaye

The Brief

Create standout branding for a newly opened hair salon on the Gold Coast, QLD whose philosophy is nurturing and holistic hair care. Establish Studio Jaye as the leader in up-to-date hair techniques, knowledge and technology. 

The Challenge

To stand out as a high-end service provider in a highly saturated industry on the Gold Coast. Attract and retain clients who feel like family. 

The Solution

A brand that is both soft and contemporary. A digital content plan that utilises high-quality images and consistently on-brand graphics to attract high-end clientele. 

The Website

The Content

Showcase / Colour Genius
Stunning photos of fresh colour and style clients. These photos are high quality, taken in the same location each time for consistency

Teaching clients and audience about best practice in hair care. Education on how bleach and colour works, what to ask for, how to get the best results at the hairdresser (ie. inspiration), chemistry lesson, what can and cannot be achieved. Educating and empowering clients to make the bet hair decisions. 

Credentials. Market surveys conducted throughout the brand strategy development phase concluded that clients are more likely to trust their hairdresser if they know they attend ongoing training for new styles and industry practices. Showing attendance at masterclasses and courses builds trust and brand loyalty in regular clients.

Connection / Nurture
Light-hearted short-form video content of Charlee chatting to her audience about availability, day-in-the-life/lifestyle, relaxed, Gold Coast lifestyle.